Creative Canvas came in light in the field of information Technology to face the challenge of coming millennium. On going world-wide IT revolution introduce a new era of communications. Since we wanted to involved ourselves into a creative workings and it is obvious that IT has emphasized this sector; we choose this communication and promotion sector as our business platform. Not only paper printed material, but we also have keen interest on electronic media to serve our clients to the best. For this, our team has the potential to fulfill our clients’ needs with both conventional and modern way to promote them. 
Vision: Nationalization of IT revolution to lead a distinctive surpassing.
Mission: Lead to promote the nation-wide computerization to face challenge of the millennium.
Objective and Goals: Recognizing IBM’s ability considering its cost and performance, promote the PC nation-wide through achieving following objectives:
-To Introduce and establish PC as earning source for mass by computer graphics and imaging.
-To develop a nation-wide information network for information industry of the country.
-To connect mass people with the IT revolution.
-To promote our Mother Language as a prime choice for computer literacy.

Marketing and promotional materials for business firms or organization, we do it by our extent level of designers and of course by computers. This is the prime objective of our business to serve our clients with most advanced and rapid techniques.

Most potential and hassle free way to express your business to your client is now digital media. We integrate tour views & missions to a single optical media so everyone can share your business proposals with more clarity, more elaborately then ever.

Another way to express your business to the world is web site. So join the world-wide information super highway. Design your webpage by our webmasters. Promote your Business throughout the world and expand accessibility of your business to your customer.